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Hello! We are sisters who both moved to Dunbar within the last 2 years. Between us, we have 6 young creative kids (well 1 is still in nappies but he will be!) 

We noticed there wasn't many activities for kids who liked arts & crafts so decided to do it ourselves!


We both work in high schools. Hilary is an Art & Design teacher and Cate is a Geography teacher. We have combined our love of arts, crafts, travel and culture to bring different workshops to East Lothian. 



What's the story behind our logo and background artwork? Hilary sees art in EVERYTHING and when she discovered a scrap piece of paper with some drawings lying around in Cate's house, she saw potential! Annabel (Cate's daughter) had drawn all the members of our family as a game of Guess Who? (some flattering and some...not so much!) and our grownup nephew Owen now features as the main logo.  

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